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The Best Bone Conduction Headphones in Australia 2024: Top open ear headphones for Gym, Outdoors and more

Updated: May 16

Bone conduction headphones are fair dinkum one of the hottest trending products in 2024, and it's no wonder, mate. With improvements in battery life, signal strength, and sound quality, now's the time to grab a pair.

But crikey, the Aussie wireless market is chockers with rip-off knockoffs and dodgy online sellers. Even big-name brands are chucking out subpar gear that ain't worth a quid. That's where we come in, mate.

If you're keen on snagging some new bone conduction or open ear headphones, our list (updated monthly) will give you the lowdown on the best choices, focusing on top-notch sound and call quality, features, and bang for your buck.

Fitlybone Pro Bone Conduction headphones- AU$ 124.99 at

Fitlybone pro bone conduction headphone


Where to buy Fitlybone pro bone conduction headphones in Australia

The best bone conduction earphones for running, sports, outdoors, office and every bloody gym sesh come from a brand that's fresh as a daisy in Australia. But don't chuck a wobbly over that, mate, 'cause we've given 'em a fair shake and shared reviews of the best of the bunch.

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So What makes Fitlybone Pro the best all around bone conduction headphones in Australia?

The best bone conduction headphones with attractive lifestyle: FitlyBone Pro isn't just about delivering top-notch performance; it's a real triple threat with style and durability thrown into the mix. When you're gearing up for your next adventure or workout, you can choose from a range of vibrant colors that suit your personal taste and add a splash of personality to your active lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the trails, pumping iron at the gym, or just going about your day, these earphones don't just sound great – they look and feel great too, ensuring you stand out in the crowd while you're on the move

The best in waterproof bone conduction headphones: FitlyBone Pro's got a fair dinkum IPX6 waterproof certification, so you know it's as tough as nails. That means it's bloody perfect for anyone after a set of waterproof bone conduction headphones for getting amongst it outdoors, whether you're hiking, cycling, or even having a dip in the pool. So, if you're keen on tunes while you're splashing about or sweating up a storm, these earphones are the way to go – they'll keep up with you, no worries.

Absurd battery life and durability: when it comes to lasting the distance, FitlyBone Pro bloody excels. You're looking at a ripper 6-hour playtime on a single charge. So, whether you're heading off on a fair dinkum outdoor adventure or smashing out a hectic training sesh, you can bet your bottom dollar that these earphones will keep up with your active lifestyle every step of the way. No need to stress about running out of juice – these bad boys have got you covered, mate.

Lightest weighing in market: And to top it all off, these beauties come with a lightweight design that'll have you feeling as free as a bird. With optimal comfort built right in, you can chuck any distractions out the window and focus solely on smashing your performance, whether you're hitting the track, hitting the weights, or just hitting your personal best. These earphones will have you feeling like you're not even wearing 'em, so you can give it your all without missing a beat.

Australia's best customer support: we've had our fair share of letdowns with true wireless earbuds in the past, even from the big tech guns. And a big part of that disappointment? Dodgy or downright non-existent customer service. But let me tell ya, we put FitlyBone Pro through its paces, hitting 'em up with questions time and time again, and every single time, we got fair dinkum replies within the hour. Now, that's what I call true blue commitment to the Aussie market. It's no wonder we slapped 'em with the Editor's Pick award – they've earned it fair and square.


The Shokz OpenRun Pro: Solid but costly Bone Conduction Headphones-  AU$ 269 at

shokz openrun pro

Why Shokz OpenRun pro is in the list of best bone conduction headphones Australia to buy in 2024

Bud-free Comfort: The bone conduction headphones sit in front of your ears leaving them open, so that you will not have hot ear even on the hottest days. While they weigh almost similar to Fitlybuy pro , this also makes them hardly noticeable.

Premium Sound Quality and Enhanced Bass: With latest bone conduction technology, OpenRun Pro ensures you experience every note, beat, and chorus while you exercise. Discover for yourself how we've redefined open-ear listening.

Long Battery Life and Bluetooth V5.1: The battery of the headphones will last up to 10 days on standby and provides 1.5 hours usage with 5 min quick charge which is almost same as that of Fitlybone Pro. Further, the V5.1 Bluetooth and dual noise cancelling technology, it provides peace of mind for music and calls during workouts.


The AfterShokz Aeroplex Bone Conduction Headphones  AU$ 267 at

Aftershokz Aeroplex

What makes Aftershokz Aeroplex in the list of the best bone conduction headphones Australia in 2024

Good overall quality for bone conduction headphones: these bone conduction headphones from Aftershockz are fair dinkum good quality all round. Since the day bone conduction headphones hit the scene, we've been carrying on about dodgy signal, calls dropping out, and pairing stuff-ups. But these ones? They've got top-notch chipsets and firmware, and let me tell ya, from cracking open the box to giving 'em a burl for the first time, the whole experience is spot on.

Excellent marks for sound quality: Now, let's talk sound quality – these blokes nail it. While they might not pump out bass as hefty as the Fitlybone Pro, the overall sound range on the Aeropex is fair dinkum good. Whether you reckon they're worth shelling out 267 bucks for is up to you, though. The sturdy frame might be a bit hit and miss for sound quality, and the temple pads need to sit just right against your skin to work their magic. In some cases, the frame might be a bit too snug or too loose for comfort.

Robust features for calling: And when it comes to making calls, these Aftershockz headphones have got you sorted. They come with dual microphones and built-in noise-canceling tech, which, fair dinkum, makes a difference when you're on the blower all day. Now, they might not replace your fancy-pants dedicated calling setup, but they're a fair dinkum good addition to your gear.


Bose Sport Open: Hybrid bone conduction earphones – $299.00 at

Bose Sports open

What makes Bose sports open in the list of the best bone conduction headphones Australia in 2024

Great sound that comes at a cost: let's talk about these Bose bone conduction headphones. Yeah, they've really knocked it out of the park in terms of sound quality, fair dinkum. But, here's the kicker – they'll cost ya. The form factor's a bit of a letdown too, with the battery life taking a hit because of it. Feels like we're stepping back in time to the first generation of bone conduction headphones, if you ask me.

Hybrid earbuds form factor instead of headphones: Now, about the design – Bose have gone for a hybrid earbuds setup instead of the traditional headphones style. And yeah, it's a ripper idea in theory, but there's a snag. These earbuds sit kinda awkwardly on top of your ears, instead of spreading the weight evenly around your noggin like Aftershockz and Sonitrek do. So, if you're planning on wearing 'em for a fair dinkum stretch, you might end up with a bit of pain and irritation.

Built for sports, but may not work for you: And let's talk about getting your sweat on – these bad boys are meant for sports, right? Well, yeah, but there's a catch. The Sport Open model might be a bit too bulky for some. If you've got smaller ears, you might find 'em a bit uncomfortable or worry that they'll go for a dive mid-workout. Not exactly what you wanna be thinking about when you're trying to smash your personal best.


Bone Conduction Headphones Q&A

Got questions about bone conduction headphones? I have the answers you're after.

What's the point of bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphones work by sending sound vibrations directly to your inner ear, sidestepping the discomfort of earbuds jamming into your ear canal or the hassle of wearing over-ear headphones. This technology's been kicking about for yonks and is becoming a fair dinkum alternative to the old-school earphones.

Do bone conduction headphones sound as good?

Bone conduction headphones dish out the same sound quality as your regular earbuds or headphones, with one small difference – the bass isn't as punchy. See, bass needs air to travel properly, so only your traditional ear gear can give you that full bass experience you're used to.

What are the downsides of bone conduction headphones?

Well, there are a couple of things to keep in mind with bone conduction headphones. Firstly, they can't pump out bass as strong as the traditional ones. Secondly, they need to sit snug on your noggin, which some folks might find a tad uncomfortable.

Can bone conduction headphones mess with your hearing?

Nah, bone conduction headphones won't do a number on your hearing. 'Cause they use vibrations instead of air-based sound waves, they don't hit your eardrum with the same force that can cause damage. So, you can rock out with these babies without worrying about your ears copping a beating.


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